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New Software Releases

  SmartSocket Connection  

Stay connected to your business while your away! The SmartSocket allows you to remotely connect to your store using any internet connection. Work from anywhere, on a buying trip, from home, from your hotel! Create purchase orders, add/view products/vendors, view/print reports.
Click here to see how it works!

  Multi-Monitor Support  

Why use just a plain two line pole display? The SmartRetailer now supports a second monitor, one for the clerk and one for the customer to view. When processing a sale, the customer can see much more detail than an old fashion pole display. When not processing a sale a slide-show, movie, or advertisements can display.
Click here to see how it works!

  The SmartRetailer for Windows  

The long awaited SmartRetailer for Windows is almost ready for shipment! It is a true windows 32bit GUI application made for todays high speed machines. It supports all the features of the DOS based version and a whole lot more! It uses multi-threading so your able to start one, two, or three reports and then continue to work at the same time. It is multi document compliant so you can have more than one window open at the same time. The all new report generator makes producing custom reports easy and quick. Using Visual Foxpros Rushmore technology has increased reporting speeds ten fold! The new html help is fully relational and easy to use.

  The Smart Webshop  

The Smart Webshop is a new product for creating and maintaining ecommerce stores! It is fully integrated with the SmartRetailer and makes taking orders over the internet a snap. In fact, the entire web site your viewing right now was created using the Smart Webshop!

  The Multi-Store for Windows  

The SmartRetailer Multi-Store addon module has been rewritten in Visual Foxpro! It's easier to use than the DOS version and communications between stores is much more reliable.