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Windows based downloads
List of recent changes

Description Name Date Size Download
Smart Retailer for Windows
Includes: POS, Report Generator, Multi Store, & Web Shop
POSSETUP.EXE 10/06/2011 19.5meg Start
Smart Retailer Multi-Store MultiStoreSetup.exe 10/16/2004 10meg Start
Smart WebShop WEBSHOP.EXE 10/16/2001 5.0meg Start
Live Update Wizard
Retrieve and install the latest updates via the internet
rainierupdate.exe 06/12/2006 115K Start
CaddieShack Golf Tracking
Improve your game by tracking trends and statistics
caddieinstall.exe 10/22/2007 3.8meg Start
Create a Label
Install Create a Label
ZEBLABEL.ZIP 06/12/2011 14Meg Start
Zebra Nice driver
Install driver for zebra printers
NICEZEBRA.EXE 06/12/2011 9Meg Start
Smart Retailer TCP
Transmission Control Internet Version
posvfptcp.exe 04/24/2012 7.8meg Start
Epson TMT88V driver
Epson driver
APD_455aE.exe 09/11/2013 50meg Start

Other downloads

Description Name Date Size Download
SmartRetailer executable. Copy to "C:\RCSPOS" posvfp.exe 01/08/2021 6Meg Start
Windows Essentials 2012 wlsetup-all.exe 12/31/2012 131M Start
Consignment processing module (Ver 3.3). Upload to main SmartRetailer data directory (C:\SR). CONSIGN.EXE 12/15/1999 280K Start