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SmartRetailer, Multi-Store, Web Shop

The basic Smart Retailer program includes the point of sale, inventory control, customer processing, management newspaper, purchasing, reporting, and the custom report generator subsystem. The multi-store, barcode printing, physical inventory, accounting interface, consignment processing, and serialized inventory are add on modules. Click detailed features to see a comprehensive list of the SmartRetailer features. Click sample images to take a look!

The Smart Retailer supports scanning equipment, cash drawers, poll displays, receipt printers, and standard computer printers. Its very flexible in its setup and can be utilized in retail, wholesale, industrial, and telemarketing businesses. The Smart Retailer was developed using Visual Foxpro, Xbase++, and Clipper and uses Dbase files. This means that no proprietary file structures are being used so the user is free to analyze the data with many other software products (Excel, Word, Access, etc) on the market today that can manipulate Dbase files..

The Report Generator module is a fully relational product allowing the user to link between multiple files to extract data for reporting. The user may define variables as strings, numerics, or calculations using any data available. Data may be selected and sorted in any fashion. Totals and subtotals may be defined. You can use the report generator in conjunction with the word processor to produce selective customized mailing letters or post cards.

The Multi-Store module allows up to twenty stores to maintain visibility to stock at any other store. It will automatically poll and transfer sales and ordering information between all stores and update the respective databases. Centralized purchasing may be performed from the main polling machine.

The Accounts Receivable module allows the user to extend credit to their customers and to track, collect and report on balances due. Finance charges can be automatically assessed and added to accounts. The user may set their own aging brackets and mix open item and balance forward accounts on the same system.

The Barcode Printing module is written for Zebra barcode printers and will print a variety of labels. There are eight different label formats depending on size and product type. Label types may be mixed and are automatically grouped when printing. The user is prompted to change labels appropriately. Labels can be printed on a demand basis or as a function of receiving product into the store. If product is already barcoded the system will ignore the printing of barcodes.

The Physical Inventory module allows the user to account for any discrepancies in floor stock versus what the computer indicates. This may be done on a manual or automated basis (using hand held computer devices). Deviations and the value of such are reported for easy and accurate accounting entries.

The Serialized Inventory module is for stores that sell products that have serial numbers. The tracking of date purchased, date sold, vendor invoice, customer, customer invoice are automatically accomplished with this module. The user may reference any serialized products sold by item sku number or customer.

The Accounting Interface module provides an automated mechanism for posting sales and purchasing information to popular general ledger and accounts payable software (Quickbooks, Quicken).