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DateVersionShort DescriptionDescription
05/24/172.3.4Change to deleting products for multistore clientsIn addition to deleting the product master record, the software now deletes the associated product store quantity record.
01/30/162.3.2Add items to a sale from sales historyThe ability to add items to a sale from a customers sales history has been added to the selling screen. Use the Shift-S or Alt-S hotkey sequence to bring up the Order View window and press Enter on any Sku you want to add to a sale.
01/30/162.3.2Ability to remove a kit component from a saleYou can now remove a kit component from a sale by using the alt-del key. This will only be allowed if you establish a text file called "lavande.txt" in the data directory.
12/15/152.3.1EMV Compliance certificationThe SmartRetailer is now EMV cerified. Support has been added for the new EMV credit card standard. Signature capture, RFID cards, Google pay, Apple pay, debit cards, and more.
07/13/152.3.0Change to Receivings JournalThe number of allowed receivings journals has been increased from ten thousand to one hundred thousand. Instead of the first two digits designating the store number only the first digit is used for the store number. A GOTO seek option has been added to the journal reprint to assist in locating individual journals.
10/22/142.2.98Change to Purchase Order ReprintThe actual received date was not appearing on a PO reprint.
05/28/142.2.97Bug fix: Inventory reporting by description fixThe inventory master listing, inventory valuation, and physical inventory count sheet would erroneously generate reports when selecting a range by description.
03/05/142.2.96Bug fix: Voiding credit card salesThe system allows for changing the description of the credit card names. If this was done and the transaction was later voided, the daily close was out of balance.
11/14/132.2.96Bug fix. PO printPO print would not show color and size if color was not used. Requires purchasing master controls to be set.
03/01/122.2.95Added ability to email invoices and open orders.The ability to email invoices and open orders has been added to invoice lookup and open order lookup. Right click on the print button.
02/15/122.2.95Support for Mastercard partial payment mandateSupport for the Master card partial payment mandate has been added and tested. The feature can be enabled/disabled in the master controls. Card balances are also now supported.
01/13/122.2.94Inventory last active reportAdded ability to select a range of last ordered dates.
01/10/122.2.94Customer sales analysis reportExpanded total size.
10/21/112.2.93Misc. changesFunctional security change.
07/19/112.2.91Suppress opening cash drawer on zero saleAdded new master control to not open the cash drawer on a zero sale.
07/19/112.2.91Open cash drawer functional securityAdded ability to require password to open cash drawer.
03/15/112.2.90Hourly/day report changeAdded ability to print by day and hour.
02/17/112.2.89Miscellaneous fixesMiscellaneous fixes.
11/30/102.2.88Enhancement to Employee Time ReportAn option has been added to sort by employee last name.
11/05/102.2.87Receive/Transfer mode confilct addressedAn issue involving Receive/Transfer has been addressed. When enter the receive/transfer module a conflict could occur if receive/transfer records were previously enter and not posted. The program has been modified to determine this conflict and notify the user.
11/02/102.2.87Physical inventory now records system on handPhysical inventory now records system on hand when posting.
08/30/102.2.86Force delete optionWhen deleting a product, you may now by pass the check for existing quantities and the delete confirmation. This is not recommended as it is not an audited procedure. It does however provide a quick way to remove old product stock that is no longer valid. To enable this feature create the text file "forcedelete.txt" in the data folder.
07/30/102.2.85Added ability to file print Inventory valuationAdded ability to file print Inventory valuation
07/25/102.2.84Bug Fix!! Affects order entryWhile editing line detail, it was possible to press alt-delete to remove a line. This would adversely affect the sales total. You must now complete the editing process before function keys or line deletions are allowed.
07/14/102.2.84Product lookup changeFor multi store applications, you can now view store quantity availability when the product lookup screen is displayed. To do this, use "Notepad.exe" to create a file named "SHOWSTORE.TXT" in your data folder.
05/06/102.2.80Newspaper bug fixDivide by zero error correction.
04/02/102.2.79Enhancement to Sales by Department ReportIf printed in summary mode, the user may now specify a register Id to select data from a particular register only.
03/05/102.2.79New Cost of goods reportNew report showing cost of goods soll and cost of goods received over a date range. Great report for posting inventory value changes to your general ledger.
02/08/102.2.79Vendor Maintenance enhancementThe vendor maintenance window may now be resized.
01/31/102.2.79Support for X-Charge Expresslink (PA-DSS)Beginning January 1, 2008, Visa implemented a series of mandates to eliminate the use of vulnerable payment applications from the Visa payment system. The SmartRetailer now complies with this mandate as a Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) compliant application.
11/19/092.2.79New feature: Ability to print two receiptsBy creating a text file (print2.txt) in the data folder, two receipts will print for all transactions if using a 40 column layout.
11/19/092.2.79Enhancement to Invoice Summary ReportYou can now suppress costs from showing on report.
08/15/092.2.78Support for "ChargeitPro" addedThe SmartRetailer is now integrated with ChargeitPro credit card processing software.
08/05/092.2.78Change: Layaway credit card paymentsChange for a credit card payment may now be processed.
06/23/092.2.78Change: Top Customers ReportBoth the company and contact name are now displayed.
06/05/092.2.78Invoice summary report changeYou may now optionally enter a register Id to isolate invoices from a particular register.
05/29/092.2.78Changes to securitySeveral changes to enhance security have been implemented. The Employee scheduler, visual setup, invoice lookup, store maintenance, category maintenance, export data, and custom addons options can now be secured.
05/19/092.2.78Fix: Clearing a sale now resets tax rateIf a user changes the tax rate on a sale and then clears the sale the tax rate is now reset back to the system default tax rate.
03/21/092.2.77Support for extended consignment processingSupport is added for multi-tier consignment commissions.
03/08/092.2.77Notes F9 hot key enhancementWhen editing customer or product notes, you can press the F9 key and a date - clerk entry is inserted for date stamping entries.
02/26/092.2.77Fix: Invoice Summary, discount amountsDiscount amounts werenot totaled correctly.
01/30/092.2.76Open to buy report changeNow displays cost and vendor sku number.
12/08/082.2.75Fix: New customer defaults are now setWhen adding a new customer the defaults for statement, finance charge, and A/R method are now set to match the defaults configured in the master controls.
11/18/082.2.75Change: Editing an open order now sets the statusWhen editing an open order the status is set to "Editing". If another user attempts to edit the same order an alert appears.
11/07/082.2.74Sales by Day of week added to reportingThe hourly sales summary may now be ran by hour or day of the week. This will help to determining staffing.
09/29/082.2.74Recalc taxable on transaction updateIf a file named "ntcalc.dat" is present in the data folder, the taxable amount is re calculated prior to updating.
09/06/082.2.73Bug fix: Default customer check lock flagThe default check lock setting is now assigned properly when adding new customers. Setting is found under the "Customer" tab in the master controls.
09/06/082.2.73Validate credit card amounts tendered enhancementYou may now allow or restrict taking credit card amounts over the sale amount as a form of payment. Setting is found under the "Invoicing" tab in the master controls.
09/06/082.2.73Allow checks featureYou may now allow or restrict taking checks as a form of payment. Setting is found under the "Invoicing" tab in the master controls.
09/04/082.2.73Gift card enhancementsAlt-G will allow you to check balance on a gift card from the selling screen. Created a change audit that prints on the gift card listing.
08/25/082.2.72Bug fix: Release memory used by imagesMemory used by images associated with products was not being released.
06/27/082.2.72F12 open cash drawer changeThe spash screen "No Sale" that appears as a result of using the F12 key can be controlled by adding the file "NOSALEWAIT.TXT" to the data folder. If "N" is in the file the screen does not appear. If a number is in the file the screen will appear for the number of seconds and then release.
06/04/082.2.72Bug fix: Payment/Adjustment entryBalances were not being displayed properly when an adjustment was posted to an invoice event with previous payments.
05/14/082.2.71Xcharge void problem correctedIs xcharge declined a "void", the SmartRetailer would process the void.
05/06/082.2.70Xcharge changePutting a file "ccidonly.txt" in the data directory will cause the workstations Id (only) to be put in the xcharge clerk field. This makes reconciling each workstation close outs to xcharge daily totals easier.
04/22/082.2.69Product lookup enhancementThe last date sold and the items margin percent have been added to the product lookup screen.
04/22/082.2.69Lookup tools enhancementWhen setting filters using the lookup 'tools' option, you may now optionally print a report of the filtered records.
04/18/082.2.68Bug fix: First time run after install bugAfter installing "SmartRetailer" , the first call to the master controls would generate an error.
03/18/082.2.67Enhancement to Physical Inventory LoadYou can now optionally use a second select criteria to isolate the sku's you want to load.
02/20/082.2.66Error reading file fix (error 1104)If an error reading file, (1104), is reported, the system will notify you and offer the ability to retry.
02/15/082.2.66Layaway payment override changeA credit card payment to a layaway may now be credited back to the customer using the override option in layaway payments. Check the override option and enter negative amounts.
12/12/072.2.65Voided charge to account changeA credit to the original charge is now posted to accounts receivable when voiding a charge to account invoice type.
12/05/072.2.64Newspaper change (multi store)If a multi store with "keep cummulative qty's" set off, the newspaper now shows only the stores activity. Previously, all activity from all stores was shown.
12/05/072.2.64Receive product changeDescriptions can now be edited. Barcodes will show edited descriptions.
11/06/072.2.63Employee Scheduler New!Enter and maintain you employees work schecule. Schedule, print, and copy. Great tool to manage your labor requirements.
09/17/072.2.63Returned sale report New!A new report of returned sales by clerk is now available. This is an excellent tool to monitor for employee return fraud.
08/21/072.2.63Purchase entryThe line display order would revert back to entry sequence if the display sequence had been changed to desc or vendor sequence and then you make a price change to an item.
08/20/072.2.63Bug fix: Customer maintenance changeAn error occured if you attempted to edit the same customer in a second edit window.
08/20/072.2.63Tool bar disablingThe main, lookup, and miscellaneous toolbars are now disabled while critical processes are performed. I.E Transaction tender, Master controls, rebuild. etc.
08/20/072.2.63Order lookup changeOnly one instance of the order lookup screen will be displayed. This should eliminate the confusion caused by starting to many instances of this window.
08/16/072.2.62New feature: Cash in drawer limit -PendingFor security reasons, you may now set a limit to the amount of allowable cash in a drawer. When the limit is reached, an alert is displayed so that a closeout can be performed on the till. See the selling screen page within the master controls.
08/15/072.2.61A/R adjustment report bug fixThe daily closeout reports module was erroneously showing no activity on the A/R adjustments report.
08/09/072.2.61Barcode printing changeIf a file with the name "SORTBAR.TXT" is placed in the main data directory, you now have the option to sort labels by label number. You will be prompted to change labels before each label number. You can also override this feature and print items on any label.
08/09/072.2.61Transaction tender changeAllowable charge amounts are now based on the amount tendered. Previously allowing a charge to account was based on the invoice total.
07/25/072.2.61Product maintenance changesPressing enter on the "Active" option no longer toggles the items state. You must use the mouse to change the active state. Also if an item is set as "not active" and you duplicate the item, the new item is set as "active".
07/24/072.2.60Receive product vendor assignment optionIf the file "askvend.txt" is present in the data folder, a vendor Id is asked for and assigned to the posted activity.
07/24/072.2.60Physical inventory deviation report changeMore options to filter various quantities have been added. The report column headings alignment have been adjusted.
07/23/072.2.60Physical inventory changeWhen loading the work file, you may now select a range of skus, descriptions, categories, vendors, or departments.
07/23/072.2.60Customer maintenance changeThe credit card number field was enlarged.
07/11/072.2.59Layaway payment hot keyThe key combination to invoke the layaway payment screen has been changed from Alt-A to Alt-Y. The Alt-A caused a conflicted with the customer activity screen.
07/11/072.2.59Ship to changesSeveral changes to allow retrieval of ship to addresses using order entry. Press the F6 key. A rebuild is required before the changes take affect.
07/10/072.2.59Bug fix: Purchase order receivingWhen receiving a PO, the PO number was erroneously posted as the invoice number.
07/06/072.2.58Credit card auditing changeThe audit function now posts the start and request as they occur. Previously, all postings occurred upon exiting the credit card processing window.
06/04/072.2.57Credit card processing changeSplit tender credit cards now prints four receipts.
05/25/072.2.57Credit card processing changeThe register ID is now captured as part of the clerk field within XCharge.
05/10/072.2.56Change to close outAllow only one instance of the closeout screen to be started.
05/01/072.2.56Credit card processing message changeInstead of "Press escape to abort", the message is changed to "Do not interrupt".
04/24/072.2.56Freight not reporting on newspaper
04/21/072.2.56Multi store receive product fixReceiving quantities to another now updates properly.
04/19/072.2.56Credit card interface audit addedThe interaction between the SmartRetailer and Xcharge can now be logged into a file. Put "crcredit.log" in the data folder.
03/26/072.2.55Purchase order entry changeIf using scanners to enter purchase orders there could have been a problem with letters appearing in the barcode. This can no longer occur.
03/26/072.2.55XCharge debit cards enhancementDebit cards can now be processed via the Xcharge interface.
03/08/072.2.55Newspaper changeThe display of the monthly values of page two was changed.
02/28/072.2.54Changes to credit card processingLonger response messages will now display. A second counter displays on the title bar. The user is alerted when aborting a transaction before the card processor responds.
02/23/072.2.54Price/Cost option on receive order reprintWhen reprinting a receive order, price now prints if configured in settings.
12/14/062.2.54Bug fix: Payouts receipt problemPayout receipt would print incorrectly if the previous transaction was a credit card.
10/19/062.2.53Inventory Maintenance changeThe open sales order detail now displays correctly.
10/18/062.2.53Mailing labels changeAdded ability to suppress printing of company name.
10/05/062.2.53Bug fix: Sales by vendor reportReport now sorts data properly by vendor Id.
10/03/062.2.52Bug fix: Reorder listing PO generationThe PO number assigned when creating a PO was using the last PO number previously generated.
09/21/062.2.52Bug fix: Sales total within client maintenanceThe extended total was not being calc'd properly.
09/21/062.2.52Bug fix: last pay date not recordedWhen posting customer payments the last pay date in client maintenance.
09/21/062.2.52Bug fix: Vendor invoice number for serialized skusWhen receiving serialized products, the vendor invoice number was not being posted correctly.
08/25/062.2.51Added 'Tools' feature to lookup window.A 'Tools' button is available in invoice, product, and client lookup. It allows you to highlight and filter the displays on criteria that you can define and save.
08/22/062.2.51Added date to title bar of SmartRetailerThe current date now appears in the main window title bar for easy reference.
08/20/062.2.52Price/Cost option on PO lookupIf the master control settings have retail price when receiving, the price/cost option will also appear when printing a purchase order from PO lookup.
08/17/062.2.51Enhanced Gift certificate maintenanceWhen editing a gift certificate, the redemption history is displayed. The display shows the invoice number, date, and amount used. Rebuild is required.
08/17/062.2.51Enhanced Sales analysis by item reportYou may now select any combination of product types. Blank (non stock), products, kits, matrix, service, gift certificates, or serialized.
08/16/062.2.50Enhanced reportingSeveral reports windows were enhanced to allow easier date selection, and a more organized appearance.
08/16/062.2.49New report: Gift Certificate ListingListing shows certificate number, sku, date sold, amount, balance and last used date with totals.
08/10/062.2.49Monthly close summaryChanged to show local store only.
08/03/062.2.49Bug fix: Bar code printing by sku descriptionWhen selecting barcodes by description range sku's will now print correctly.
08/03/062.2.49Enhanced visual setupTemplates may now be deleted and descriptive labels are attached to the options.
07/07/062.2.49Start new sale screenThe start new sale can be configured to not appear or to appear for a specified number of seconds. Create the text file 'changewait.txt' in the data folder. Put a "N" in it to stop the screen from appearing or put the number of seconds (30 max) that the screen should stay displayed.
07/07/062.2.48Product lookup sequencing changesYou can now enter the single letters S,D,V,C, or L to instantly change the display sequence.
07/07/062.2.48Change due appears in larger fontAfter completing a sale, the change due/start new sale appears larger for easy reading.
07/07/062.2.48Bug fix: Receive product escape optionIf an item is selected and the user presses the escape key for the quantity prompt the item is no longer added to the screen.
07/01/062.2.48Matrix row description can now be editedAlso when duplicating a matrix item, row numbers are assigned properly.
06/27/062.2.48Bug fix: Purchase order lookup errorIf the cancel button was pressed with no active purchase orders displayed, a run time error would occur.
06/27/062.2.48Bug fix: Product lookup error when selecting itemIf 'F3' is used to invoke the product lookup an error would occur when the parent window was closed and an item was selected from the product lookup.
06/22/062.2.48Added sort capability to Invoice Summary ReportYou can now sort by clerk, invoice, or payment type. Subtotals are displayed for payment types.
06/16/062.2.48Added support for scanned matrix itemsScanned barcodes for matrix items are now supported from the selling screen.
05/24/062.2.47Bug fix: Layaway change amount not postedIf a layaway is paid in full, the change amount was not being deducted from cash on the closeout.
05/24/062.2.47Bug fix: date problem when voiding invoiceThe current date is now assigned to a void.
05/22/062.2.46Added support for store monitorA real time store monitor tool is now available for multi store companies that communicate over a VPN.
04/01/062.2.46Bug fix: Scheduled rebuild taskIf a rebuild was launched from a shortcut or task scheduler a runtime error occured.
03/15/062.2.46Shortcut to store transfersIf a multi store system, you can start store transfers by rightclicking the receive product toolbar.
03/07/062.2.46Tip of the DayTip of the day feature has been added. Tips and suggestions may be browsed about the use of the Smart Retailer
02/23/062.2.45Serialized updateSerialized file is now updated when a layaway payment is posted.
01/27/062.2.45Sales Analysis by Customer ReportCustomer number range fields expanded.
01/25/062.2.44Store quantities displayAll store quatities are displayed in a adjustable and movable window when using the product lookup from purchasing, receiviing, and store transfers.