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Point of Sale

The main point of sale selling screen. Here's where you enter and build the sale. The display and fonts are adjustable for easy viewing. The keyboard operation is stream lined to be intuitive with minimal key strokes. Entries are validated to eliminate errors. To change sale detail, use the arrow keys, (Up, Down, Left, Right), to highlight the item to change. Press "Enter" to begin change. Key in the change and press "Enter" again to complete the change. Easy to use, yet powerful. Sales, Payments, Credits, layaways, inventory, customers, tendering, and more are right at your finger tips. Point of sale made easy!

The main point of sale screen

Pressing the "F5" key while on the main point of sale window starts the transaction tender process. Again all entries are validated to eliminate errors. Split tender point of sale transactions are allowed. Credit card processing is also integrated.

POS, Tender and close a POS sale

POS receipt POS receipt with customer

Point-of-sale full page invoice

Point of Sale hotkeys

Point of Sale layaway payments

Point of Sale customer payments